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The traffic signal at SR 182 and Loop Road will be removed on Thursday, Oct. 27 to facilitate widening of the roadway. A temporary stop sign will be installed at Loop Road until a new traffic signal is constructed.





Beginning Wednesday, Oct. 19 @ 7 a.m.

Eastbound single lane closure and bike path closure on SR 182 from Milepost 12 to Milepost 13. The closure will be continuous, 24 hours a day, throughout the next several weeks to allow widening of the roadway.




SR 182 Median Improvements and Beautification FAQs

What is the purpose of this project?
The purpose of the SR 182 Median Improvements and Beautification project is to improve the safety, efficiency and aesthetics of SR 182 in Orange Beach.

What is the schedule for the project?
The project will be divided into multiple phases. The first phase of construction, beginning near
West Loop Road and ending just east of Cotton Bayou Beach Access, is scheduled to begin fall 2016 and completed by summer 2017. The remaining phases are scheduled to be completed as funding becomes available and during off-peak tourist seasons.

How will this project improve the safety of SR 182?
Implementing signalized median U-turns will improve the safety of SR 182 by reducing the number of intersection conflict points or the point at which a roadway user can cross, merge, diverge, etc. with another roadway user. Signalized median U-turns are expected to reduce crashes by 35%.

How many intersection conflict points are along SR 182?
There are currently 39 existing conflict points located on SR 182 at Palm Pointe Centre. Implementing signalized median U-turns will reduce this number by 92% leaving only three conflict points at this location.

How will this project improve the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists?
There are currently eight signalized pedestrian crossings on SR 182. The proposed project will create a total of 14 signalized pedestrian crossings on this route.

Will the removal of the center turn lane, east of the Alabama Pass, remain in the project’s plans?
The last phase of construction is scheduled to take place on SR 182 beginning near Ono Island and ending at the Florida/Alabama state line. This area will be further evaluated by ALDOT officials to determine if median improvements are warranted this far east of the pass.

Will the Mariner Lakes boardwalk concern be addressed?
Yes, the project’s plans have been revised to meet the requests of the Mariner Lakes community. Access to the Mariner Lakes boardwalk will remain the same.

Will fire trucks be able to use the U-turns?
ALDOT and the City of Orange Beach specifically requested fire truck dimensions from Orange Beach Fire/Rescue during the project’s design phase. Fire trucks will be able to use the proposed U-turns.

What are the beautification plans for the medians?
The City of Orange Beach is working to develop a landscaping plan for the medians.